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SOA Frequently Asked Questions

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The significance of SOA interview questions can be summed up by this analogy.  In Alice in Wonderland, there is this one chapter wherein there is this character who need to run in order to stand still. If you are operating any type business these days, there is a chance that you will relate to this peculiar character. To survive the current market condition, businesses nowadays need to respond with Mercurial intensity as well as extreme efficiency to the challenges that this condition poses lest you want to be left out.  The availability of a continuously developing information super highway via the Internet has given entrepreneurs an excellent means to respond to these challenges.  Through advanced software engineering, business can now offer consumers more advanced means to access their services online. As a result, they develop more effective business solutions. Perhaps one of the much-talked about strategies in achieving these is Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA. To better understand this strategy, here are some frequently asked SOA questions.

Top 3 SOA Interview Questions

What is SOA?

Basically, SOA refers to highly integrated IT architectural strategy designed to provide better business and infrastructure solution. SOA consists of an elaborate set of methodologies and principles for efficiently designing as well as developing software. This is in the form of highly interoperable services that are actually well-defined business functionalities. Built as software components, these business functionalities can be reused for a variety of essential purposes. SOA is often utilized during the vital stages of systems integration and development.

What are its main benefits?

This is probably one of the most frequently thrown SOA interview questions. Of course, before getting deeper into the technical side of this much-discussed IT strategy, one needs to know its benefits first. One of the most important advantages of implementing SOA is the creation of a more improved alignment between the line of business and IT. This is attained without sacrificing better flexibility. In fact, IT flexibility is generated to complement greater flexibility for your business. Since your business processes will most likely keep up with the speed of global competition, the flexibility that SOA provides is of much importance. In short, SOA is capable of maximizing your existing IT investments in tandem with fresh set of services that you may have been developing of late.  By using well-defined interfaces between varying services, the process of IT integration becomes a lot easier to attain. This results to an excellent architectural model ideal for integrating services provided by suppliers, business partners, and suppliers. Through this, a significant reduction of cost coupled with superb customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

How to convert an enterprise business in a Service Oriented Architecture?

In order to transform an existing enterprise business to SOA, there are some requirements that need to be obtained. These include service reusability, standardized service contract, service loose coupling, service abstraction, and service composability. Though various strategic goals that are associated with service-oriented technology can be pursued using this architectural model, the most suitable technology platform for SOA are Web Services.

SOA interview questions help simplify the concept behind this IT architectural strategy. For more helpful sites that provide straight-to-the-point answers to common SOA interview questions, fell free to check out excellent resources online.

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