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The Advantages Of Using XML Web Services

by Colin

The establishment of the internet has become one of the main highlights of the 21st century. Its emergence in society has led to a vast variety of public acceptance in terms of social networking, business, finance, and the computer industry. The popularity of the internet has also led to the founding of different web-based business by means of web services. These web services expand the infrastructure of the internet by means of software in providing connections to other software applications. Simply put, it is just like connecting two electronic devices using the internet as a medium. Web services continue to introduce new things in the World Wide Web. The newest addition of this web service nowadays is the introduction of XML.

XML web services are the newest and are considered as the essential building blocks in terms of distributed computing over the internet. XML has become the platform where open standards as well as communication and association among individuals and applications have established an environment. Different applications are constructed using multiple XML web services from different sources that collaborate regardless of where they are or how they are being implemented. This means that these applications are written in a variety of programming languages which run on various platforms, but because of XML, they can use web services in order to exchange data over a network of computers such as the internet. Using XML web service, all the data that are exchanged are formatted and standardized into XML tags.

There are the three particular advantages in using XML web services. First is that XML web services expose functionality to the web users using a standardized protocol which is usually SOAP. Secondly, they tend to describe the interfaces with accurate detail in order to allow users to build client applications to communicate with them which are provided in an XML document called a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document. Thirdly, XML web services are registered, enabling potential users to find them easily, which is commonly done through the Universal Discovery Description and Integration (UDDI). With the use of the these web services, users will be able to build new as well as more powerful applications using XML as its building blocks.

There is a number of popular software that uses XML. Many of these were created by Microsoft Corporation thru the .NET using XML web services. This allows users to access the internet using any smart device such as tablets, pocket PCs, internet phones, etc. thru a number of products such as SQL Server 2000, Application Center 2000, Commerce Server 2000, Mobile Information Server, Exchange Server 2000, among others.

With the growing popularity of XML web services, it is expected that in the future, many more applications will be supported and use the internet in order to do things that cannot be done at present. It is possible that in the near future web services such as a calendar service can be made available where setting up appointments with other people can be done online. With imagination and the right vision, the possibilities are endless in making life more convenient thru the World Wide Web.

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