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The Most Common Web Services Interview Questions Asked by Employers

by Colin

Jobs related to the computer and communications industry is becoming big hits recently. Since a lot of things have turned digital, a lot of companies are looking for professionals who are familiar with computer and internet know-how. This was amplified further by the emergence of web services which are part of the backbone of the worlds business processing outsourcing (BPO) industry. If you are applying for a position involved in web services, it will not be an easy task because you will be competing with only the real professional in the field. You are going to have to develop your soft skills while projecting a great personality at the same time. However, dont fret. Here is a guide you can use in applying for that web service position. The following are some of the most common web service interview questions asked by employers. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these questions and the right answers.

Question number 1: What is a web service?

Basically, a web service is a type of software that is made available over the internet. It uses a standardized XML messaging system. It can have a public interface and can run a wide range from news syndication, stock market-data, and weather reports, to even tracking systems.

Question number 2: What is new about the web services?

Over some time, people have been using Remote Procedural Call (RPC), wherein they can send calls over in HTTP. However, the newest about web services would have to be XML. It stands at the very center of web services because it is able to provide a common language for describing RPCs, web services, and their directories.

Question number 3: How does a web service operate? Can you provide an example?

The IBM Web Services Browser provides a more intuitive feel for web services because of their series of demonstrations. This browser combines SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI in order to create a simple plug-and-play interface for the purpose of finding web services. You can find different services such as traffic reports service and weather report services. These are independent from one another and you can stack them one on top of the other. Thus, you can have a single page with multiple services which may look like a simplified version of my.yahoo.

Question number 4: What is the web service protocol stack?

A protocol stack comprises of evolving sets of protocols that are used to define, discover, as well as implement web services.

Question number 5: Can you define what SOAP is?

SOAP is an XML-based protocol that is used for the exchange of information between computers. It can be used thru a number of messaging systems and be delivered thru an array of transport protocols. However, its main purpose is focused on RPCs that are transported thru HTTP.

These are only some of the web services interview questions you are bound to face during an interview. There can be more web services interview questions depending on the company you are applying in. so, in order to you to get the job and correctly answer these web services interview questions, be sure to get ahead of your interviewer.

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